Electragram’s $99 Annual Subscription is Back

Back by popular demand- Electragram’s $99 Annual Subscriptions

We’re offering our special $99 annual premium membership year-round, so you can enjoy the unlimited perks of Electragram at a discounted price.

Save over $20 when you purchase an annual subscription. We did some calculations on your behalf (because who wants to crunch numbers?)

Electragram Letter

Average greeting card cost:


Stamp price:


Time spent sending it:

5 minutes, minimum

Likelihood it gets lost in the mail:

outlook not so good

That’s a minimum of $5.63 per note + your time and risk of the card being delayed or going missing.  If you send 20 cards per year - birthdays, thank yous, condolence notes, holiday cards - that already costs more than our year-long subscription price.

Why not subscribe to unlimited annual premium Electragram services, and send greetings every day?  You’ll have full access to all of our custom illustrations, colors and fonts, as well as to our limited edition designs.

Bonus points - Electragram is guaranteed to arrive in the recipient’s inbox or to their cell phone, instantly, bringing joy to you both.

To buy an annual subscription, click the button below and choose the option to upgrade to annual for $99/year.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected] and we’ll be delighted to help.