Graydon & Anna Carter - Electragram Founders Graydon & Anna Carter - Electragram Founders

Welcome to Electragram.

Meet Anna and Graydon Carter?

We believe that life is about communication. Why not make yours extraordinary?

Electragram is a stylish and sophisticated digital correspondence platform, inspired by the look of the classic telegram. We are thrilled to offer you the ability to create your own online signature stationery with a range of colors, icons, illustrations and more - and deliver it via email, text, social media or any messaging app.

An Electragram inspires the same delight as sending or receiving a hand-written note on beautiful stationery, and combines the charm and courtesy of old-school communication with the efficiency of modern delivery.

Messages become more meaningful, communication becomes more memorable, and the act of sending and receiving messages, once again, becomes something to be savored.

How Electragram Started

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and Electragram is no exception.

Conceived by Graydon Carter and developed by Anna Carter, both fans of hand-written notes, Electragram was born out of their need to stay in touch with friends, loved ones and colleagues while living abroad.

It could take weeks for letters mailed abroad to arrive in the US via the postal service, by which time whatever thoughtful expression of thanks or congratulations they contained would feel woefully out of date. At the same time, an email or text message rarely becomes something to be treasured in the way a hand-written note is.

They took matters into their own hands and created the first-of-its kind messaging service - when email is too slight and snail mail is too slow, Electragram is just right.

Happy Electragramming!