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Zach Weiss



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Head of Brand at Outerspace

Zach Weiss is a natural-born entertainer and bona fide man about town. As the Head of Brand at Outerspace and a contributor to Vogue, Ralph Lauren's RL Mag and more, Zach is someone our team has long-regarded for his exquisite taste and attention to detail. Look no further than his collaboration with Stubb & Wootton to understand his charming and irreverent take on style! Whether he is jet-setting around the world or hosting a casual Sunday brunch with friends, Zach does it all with panache, signature style, and a sense of humor.

We sat down with Zach to explore his personal rules of Modern Etiquette and to hear more about what he loves most about the art of entertaining and sophisticated communication.

How would you describe your entertaining style? I like to operate under the guise of “easy breezy.” Party guests should feel as if every element of the evening has fallen into place effortlessly, when in fact I’m a stickler for many things, particularly when it comes to table seating, and especially when you’re attempting to mix together a group of new friends. Place cards always.

Where can one find you on the weekend? During the summer I try to avoid the Hamptons, because I’m powerless to the social vortex there, so I usually try to slum it overseas as much as possible or shack up with friends on Nantucket if I can convince them to have me. When the city’s not a hot, sweaty mess, I try to spend the weekend walking to every neighborhood possible, and using those “steps" to rationalize a gluttonous meal.

What is the most memorable piece of correspondence you’ve received? When we were learning how to write a letter in 3rd grade, we were instructed to try corresponding with someone we admired. For some reason, in 2001, I chose Donald Trump. He replied with a letter of his own on gold-embossed letterhead, and a headshot autographed in big thick gold marker. Needless to say, it hasn’t aged well.

What is a past tradition you wish would come back? Men in tuxedos after 6 PM.

What are your three favorite Rules of Modern Etiquette for social gatherings?

Rule N°1

This may stem from the fact that I have a hard time answering this question myself in a succinct way, but I always try to avoid asking anyone “What do you do?” To me, it often feels like the person is actually asking, “How can you be useful to me?”

In lieu of this, I usually try to focus on everything but work. Style, travel, weekend plans, anything! If you’re not in an office, you’re not required to talk about work.

Rule N°2

I try to enter any social setting with some sense of openness, and that certainly holds true for fashion week gatherings. Yes, it’s nice to see your old friends, but give yourself an opportunity to make a new friend too.

Rule N°3

If someone doesn’t remember your name, and you may have only met once or twice, don’t shame them for it. We’re all guilty of forgetting!

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Be warned: FOMO ahead.