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President at Tracy Anderson

Steven Beltrani is a sought-after communications and brand marketing executive. As President at Tracy Anderson, he is the ultimate wellness gatekeeper-to-know, as he acts as the right hand man and strategist for the fitness icon. When he isn't motivating tony women across the globe to get their workout game on, his effortless social influence can be found at the most fashionable gatherings from the Upper East Side to the East End. With every fabulous it-girl in his tight inner circle, he's the Thom Browne armored dinner guest we're all dreaming to be seated next to at The Whitney Art Party.

We caught Steven in between calls (he has quite the calendar!) to chat about his signature entertaining style, his weekend routine and his real thoughts on the term "fashionably late."

How would you describe your entertaining style? As Bonnie Raitt preached to us in the 90's: let's give 'em something to talk about. Similar to the work I produce in my professional life, I like to host with the intention of creating a meaningful conversation, long after the tablescape is cleared. Guests should feel good from the moment they arrive and be inspired by the design and connection to the occasion. And of course, a thoughtful toast should be made to bring everyone together. I'm not one to tell guests what to wear (Costume party? No thank you!), but a little style effort goes a long way. Okay fine, a big style effort.

Where can one find you on the weekend? During the fall, I love spending cozy weekends in the city. I tend to be overly scheduled during the week and crave the gift of spontaneity. After watching NY1 until the segments start to repeat themselves (IYKYK), I'll stroll over to Poppi coffee shop on Madison before heading to the studio for a workout. From there, it's lunch downtown and getting lost in the energy of different neighborhoods with my boyfriend and good friends. If I go missing, call Sant Ambroeus.

What is the most memorable piece of correspondence you’ve received? Oh, you mean the emails I stalk from my doorman when I know a delivery from MR PORTER is on its way? Just kidding (kinda). One of my best friends, Alex Dickerson, recently and unexpectedly messaged me about how meaningful our friendship is to her. It was several paragraphs long, and completely caught me by surprise as there wasn't any particular reason for it. It made my entire week. I feel that genuinely kind correspondences which are without reason or motive are the ones you never forget.

What is a past tradition you wish would come back? My family has a tradition of enjoying an after dinner drink before everyone goes on their busy ways. I think there's something really special about slowing guests down and making a closing toast at the end of the evening. Offer a drink that isn't typically served during a meal and can be sipped on for a while on the sofa. For me, it's Baileys on the rocks.

What are your three most important Rules of Modern Etiquette, and why?

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Rule N°1

Don't arrive empty-handed, even if the host tells you not to bring anything. I always show up with a great bottle of wine; usually white, as my social anxiety stems from accidentally spilling red wine all over someone. I've unfortunately been on the receiving end of this crime on more than one occasion. Lately, I've been bringing a caviar crown from my friend Mark Herman's brand, The Caviar Shark. They are so beautiful and unique. And what host doesn't love a delicious caviar moment?

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Rule N°2

Being fashionably late really isn't fashionable. I'm never ever impressed by a person who keeps me waiting. As Carrie Bradshaw once shouted on the street, "You're soooo busy!"

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Rule N°3

Show appreciation, fast. There's nothing more socially stressful than waiting to learn if your guests enjoyed their time with you. Sending a thoughtful Electragram on your car ride home to say you had a blast goes a long way, and will help your host sleep better that night... if the Baileys doesn't get to them first.

Follow Steven’s adventures through New York and more on @stevenbeltrani.