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Serena Goh is a New York City creative who uses food and fashion as a medium to connect and advocate for change within her community. She approaches content with immersive storytelling, and shares her passion for food and fashion with her community while keeping in mind the importance of wellness, conscious consumption and honesty.

We pulled Serena from her kitchen for a quick chat about her Rules of Modern Etiquette and where we can find her on the weekends.

How would you describe your entertaining style? Always keep the vibes up, and the food and drinks coming.

Where can one find you on the weekend? I’m zero or one hundred - either at home binging on a show and takeout with my phone off, or I am out with my friends making new friends.

What is the most memorable piece of correspondence you’ve received? I’m a sucker for a handwritten letter or postcard, even if it’s about nothing.

What is a past tradition you wish would come back? Sunday dinners - I love the tradition of cooking all day and enjoying a meal with family and friends for a slow evening.

What are your three most important Rules of Modern Etiquette, and why?

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Rule N°1

Stay humble. The ultimate turn off is someone who has it all, bragging about having it all. My parents instilled in me this fear-like thought that anything you have now can be gone tomorrow, so it's more important to be respectful, modest and kind in any situation.

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Rule N°2

Be inclusive. Have you ever walked into a party and not recognized anyone? It's an awkward experience lurking around the bar, grabbing every passed hors d'oeuvre while scrolling your phone to look too busy. So the next time you're standing in a group of friends, and you spot someone in the same situation, try to make a new connection, bring them into the circle.

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Rule N°3

Always bring the light. This is the best advice I received. When you walk into any environment the point isn't to demand attention, but more importantly, bring an uplifting energy - whether that's as simple as making someone else feel seen or heard.

Please be sure to follow along and enjoy Serena’s adventures in and outside of the kitchen @theserenagoh. We can’t promise you won’t be drooling.