Michel Heredia

Michel Heredia



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Director of Marketing & Sales, The Mercer Hotel

Michel Heredia grew up in Mexico City, where he studied hotel management, and led the iconic Condesa DF hotel's opening in Mexico City. He moved to New York 15 years ago. He has the fortune to have worked with and learned from great hoteliers during his careers, such as André Balazs, Carlos Couturier, Ira Drukier, Richard Born, and Claus Sendlinger. He is now the Director of Marketing and Sales of The Mercer Hotel. A true hospitality expert, Michel has a dazzling natural charm and innate ability to make everyone feel comfortable in his presence. In short, he is our ideal emissary!

How would you describe your entertaining style? I love intimate gatherings at home where you can connect with others. There is something exceptional and entertaining at home; it makes you vulnerable and shows who you are. I always say, "your home is your best biography."

Where can one find you on the weekend? I love visiting museums and art galleries. It's a form of meditation for me; it's a great way to disconnect and recharge. One of my favorites is the Met, and you can always mix it with other art galleries in the area.

What is the most memorable piece of correspondence you’ve received? My grandfather's prayer that he used to read every night before going to bed. It's a beautiful tradition that I do now to remember him.

What is a past tradition you wish would come back? I love handwritten notes.

What are your three most important Rules of Modern Etiquette, and why?

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Rule N°1

RSVP - It's so important to acknowledge them promptly; it doesn't matter if you are attending or not.

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Rule N°2

Being aware of time - I am originally from Mexico; it's incredible how you attend a lunch, have such a wonderful time, and turn to dinner all of a sudden. As crucial as arriving on time is also leaving on time.

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Rule N°3

Live in the Now - Enjoy the moment, and forget about the phones. Nothing is better than a good conversation and giving each other full attention.

Please take a moment to get to know Michel and his artistic taste better on Instagram @michelheredia.