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Actress and New York Times-bestselling author

Jill Kargman is an actress and New York Times-bestselling author of twelve books, including most recently, Sprinkle Glitter On My Grave. She is the creator and star of the scripted comedy Odd Mom Out and lives in NYC with her husband and three teenagers.

Read on to learn more about Jill’s personal rules of Modern Etiquette, her love of calligraphy and her tips on how to be the ultimate relaxed hostess.

How would you describe your entertaining style? I am a very relaxed hostess because we aren't fussy- always buffet, always fun, always done early! I love coming up with funny cocktail names for the guests of honor and generally make cheeky place cards. I also am such a tabletop whore so I spend the most time setting the table, and because I order in, the least time prepping the food. No one wants me near the kitchen - the food's always great cause I didn't make it.

Where can one find you on the weekend? We don't have a second home and I never want one, so we are New York City explorers. We are usually in Brooklyn every weekend, for brunch, dinner, gallery-hopping, or exploring shops and historic walks.

What is the most memorable piece of correspondence you’ve received? I have so many- I collect ephemera and have a huge box of letters. I guess the most memorable is when my daughter Sadie wrote a letter to Queen Elizabeth when William and Kate were married and she got a letter back! There was a wax seal and engraved monogram and everything!

What is a past tradition you wish would come back? Cursive and calligraphy. I love beautiful handwriting and technology has rendered most writing illegible chicken scratch.

What are your three most important Rules of Modern Etiquette, and why?

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Rule N°1

Proper notes of thanks- I always send a hand-written letter after a party. Electragram is a fabulous place holder while the note is in the mail since people are now used to not waiting three days before hearing from a grateful guest!

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Rule N°2

Shake hands, look people in the eye, and say their name back to them as a device to remember it- I hate when people say "nice to meet you" when I've met them nine times and I refuse to be that person!

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Rule N°3

Table manners- I am appalled how some people eat. When we see people sawing their food, we call them Cello players. I also am horrified when people are impolite to waiters and don't say thank you for water-refills or listen to the specials attentively. I don't care how successful someone is, if they are not gracious in a restaurant and understand how lucky they are to be able to eat out, I have zero respect.

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Photo Credit: Lexie Moreland